Security Advantages

  • Password booster eliminates written-down and weak passwords in favor of a seed password that can be remembered, but is then enhanced (boosted), resulting in unbreakable "superpasswords" of 15 or more characters. Because a Password Booster deployment can be quickly and easily implemented by changing the password policy to require 15+ character passwords, Password Booster is the obvious solution for security-conscious small businesses with limited IT budgets.  Read White Paper
  • Password Booster can be used everywhere - Windows, Linux, MacOS, UNIX, and more. Password Booster can be used for local login accounts, remote login accounts, spreadsheets, databases, WiFi keys, and more - anywhere a password is needed. Because of this universal nature, Password Booster becomes natural to use, without roadblocks to complicate its use. Because Password Booster always works, it gets used consistently and often, and this translates into a more secure environment.
  • Password Booster carries NO PERSONALLY IDENTIFYING INFORMATION. If a booster is lost in a public place, the device cannot be traced to an individual or account because neither user names nor user ids are stored on the Password Booster. With only boosts stored on the booster, your identity and accounts are definitely safe.
  • A major advantage of Password Booster over PIN/master password based approaches is that Password Booster builds the final superpassword within the password input field, and therefore no passwords are stored on the Password Booster device, making it impossible to hack. Other systems introduce risk by storing passwords or secret keys on a device that can be hacked.  Because Password Booster impersonates a standard keyboard, this advantage can be applied to ANY computer immediately without additional software installation.
  • Smart cards can be hacked and the PIN bypassed. After the private key is retrieved without the PIN, the "something only you know" factor is eliminated, and because the private key can now be copied, the "something only you have" factor is eliminated. Here are a few examples: Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Blog 1 Article 1

Smart Card vs Password Booster

Smart Card
Password Booster
The Smart card design ASSUMES that the card CANNOT BE HACKED and depends on this assumption to protect the account. When the hack happens all protection is broken. The Password Booster design ASSUMES that the booster can be stolen and relies on the seed password to continue to protect the account until the boost is regenerated, according to the password change policy. Protection is temporarily degraded but not broken.  

Privacy Advantage

Password Booster works with anonymous user ids and passwords, so your privacy is better protected than with biometrics and smart cards.

When you create an online account on a web site, you typically choose your own user id and password, and you choose the set of information to submit to the site - you decide just how anonymous you want to be. Furthermore, when the online account is now deleted, your association with that account is gone.

Smart cards and biometrics personally identify individuals rather than anonymous users. Whereas accounts with self-chosen user ids can always be closed, canceled, and deleted, your biometrics follow you your whole life and can never be "deleted". Information tied to your biometrics are permanently tied to your identity, even if the information is incorrect.

Smart cards are typically tied to an individual as well. Such a tight association can be used to track aspects of your online activity. Social security numbers are tightly protected by privacy laws that keep the number from being used for the wrong purposes. The use of web browser cookies are also a concern because of the risk to individual privacy.

Smart cards present the same kinds of risk as lost social security numbers and browser cookies - they can be used to track aspects of your life that you do not want exposed or stolen. Furthermore, multi-use smart cards, such as are currently being considered for health care and Internet commerce, are designed to work with more than one account, and can therefor be used to tie together and track disparate pieces of information. Example

Anonymous user ids and passwords make it more difficult to bring together different pieces of information into a consistent and reliable view of your life. Password Booster makes it possible to use strong passwords the way they should have been used all along - to secure your information AND protect your privacy.