Password Booster model PB-4 is a personal device that makes using  numerous passwords almost effortless.   An added benefit is that all of your passwords, at home and at work, are greatly strengthened thanks to a new Patented approach. With Password Booster, all of your passwords become “strong” passwords – passwords that cannot be easily guessed by hackers. These are the kind of passwords that we all SHOULD use to protect our accounts.

While we are on the topic of what we SHOULD be doing: Do you use a different password for every site, or do you reuse the same password almost everywhere? Is your bank account password also your email password?  What if a hacker discovers your email password? Your bank account may be in danger. 

When was the last time that you changed your online account passwords?  Online hackers can try millions of words and phrases to try to break into your online accounts, and the longer your password remains the same, the more vulnerable your accounts are to attack. But have you ever changed your online password, only to immediately forget what you just changed it to?  Embarrassing, but we have all made this mistake at least once. 

The solution to these problems is Password Booster. Just insert the booster into any available USB socket, enter a single, simple-to-remember password of your choosing using your keyboard, and press any one of the boost buttons on the booster. The password that you entered is transformed into a longer and more complex password, with mixed upper and lower case characters and numbers, all around your original password. Your original password is still there, it has just been strengthened. That’s it! That is how the Password Booster works.

Change all of your passwords to strong, boosted passwords. You only have to remember ONE password for all of your sites, and the sites are protected by strong passwords, with a different password for each site.  When the time comes to change your account password, just DO it and FORGET it. The Password Booster makes it easy.  You can change your password as often as you like without forgetting what you changed it to. You continue to enter the basic password you have been using all along – only the strong password changes when it is boosted. 

If you are concerned about losing your Password Booster, don’t worry.  Choose a difficult-to-guess password to remember – you only have to remember the one password! And the boost codes of your personal booster can be backed up to your computer, just in case something happens to your booster. You can get more than one Password Booster and clone your boost codes onto each booster. 

Best of all, the Password Booster works with any computer that can use  USB keyboards – Windows , Linux, UNIX. This is because Password Booster LOOKS like a keyboard to your computer, so it can plug in immediately without installing anything. 

Model PB-4