Password Booster Capabilities

Password Booster ®  :

  • Requires you to remember only a single "seed" password to access all of your accounts across all computers, yet each account gets its own unique strong password 
  • Is the ONLY solution today that works immediately with ALL computers and Operating Systems - Windows, MacOS, Linux, UNIX, SunOS, to provide strong, unbreakable passwords for LOCAL and REMOTE computer account logins
  • Facilitates stringent password policy enforcement by providing very strong "superpasswords" that are easily re-generated and changed
  • Is unhackable because no passwords are stored onboard the device
  • Is inexpensive and baggage-free to own and use
  • Works anywhere immediately without installing any software or device drivers, such as at public libraries, schools, hotels, and Internet cafes
  • Includes an onboard boost generator, similar to a password generator 
  • Works immediately within server racks using any KVM switch with an integrated USB hub
  • Can be used anywhere a password is required, to password-protect spreadsheets, documents, databases, ZIP files, WiFi networks, and more 
  • Patented technology is simple to explain to users and administrators


Password Booster ®  is a new breakthrough authentication device that uniquely provides the strongest possible passwords without burdening the user with remembering such passwords, even within the most stringent password policy environments—without the usual complexities and drawbacks of the current approaches to authentication. These approaches include password managers, smart cards, biometric devices and their combinations.

Basic Features
Password Booster is a robust, patented authentication device that is conveniently the size of a flash drive, inexpensive, and incredibly simple to use. Password Booster masquerades to a computer as a second keyboard, and is therefore uniquely Operating System and hardware neutral. Password Booster is immediately functional, without the need for any prerequisite software and all associated costs and issues. Password Booster can be designed for use with any system that supports user-installable keyboards.

Password Booster’s core process works as simply as the following: Password Booster strengthens the user-entered “seed” password by sending and inserting additional characters to the password input field, enhancing the seed password to create a very strong 15+ alphanumeric and multi-character “superpassword.” The seed and resulting superpassword are then transient, and only exist momentarily inside the authenticating system’s password input field before all traces of both are erased by the system upon submitting the password for authentication. As a result, Password Booster is unlike all other authentication approaches in that it does not encrypt or store passwords or any personal, corporate, or government data within the device. Therefore, hacking a Password Booster device cannot possibly give away any such secrets.

Further, Password Booster provides true two-factor authentication and the most effective password management capability without the need for any additional “master password” entry or similar “PIN” entry step in order to gain access to all passwords, as is the case with password managers -- Password Booster bypasses this entire step, which represents another hacking opportunity, by inputting directly into the authenticating system’s password field.

Universal Usage

As indicated, Password Booster is also unique in that it can be implemented immediately without any need for pre-installed or special software or device drivers on public or corporate computer systems. Beyond the added burden of this prerequisite, some systems are locked down and will not permit users to install or run unapproved programs. This is just one drawback of the many associated with all other authentication devices, particularly for people who need or want to use many different computers. And Password Booster works with all operating systems including Mac OS, Linux, UNIX, SunOS and many others.

Many Applications

In terms of applications, Password Booster can apply its advantages to the entirety of the retail computer-user market for all password-protected resources (primary login, online banking, web browser, remote logins, particular sites, documents, etc.) as well as to all password-protected resources within the full range of enterprise environments. Password Booster can tighten security for federal, state and local government environments within even the most sensitive of data areas without the usual disadvantages of the current approaches.

Seed Password

Your seed password protects computer and online accounts if someone steals your booster or it is lost, so you should choose a seed password that is difficult to guess. Remember, you only need one seed password, but you are free to use as many seed passwords as you like.

The best way to choose a seed password is to come up with a six-word sentence that you can remember. Then, use the first letter of each word in the sentence to construct your seed password. For web sites, just tack on the first three letters of the web site name.

For example, "The hairdresser really messed up yesterday" would produce a seed password of thrmuy. Remember, you will always use the same seed password everywhere, so you will likely never have to memorize another seed password. For your Google password, the seed password would be thrmugoo.

Seed Security

Web sites like Google that follow best practices do not store your password directly. Instead they store a "hash" of your password. A hash is not reversible, so there is no way to convert a hash back to the original password - the information is lost forever. 

Also, even a single letter change in your superpassword will produce a completely different hash, so a stolen password hash of a superpassword cannot be used to figure out another similar superpassword. Because your superpassword is so long and random no computer today using brute force can figure out the original superpassword from a stolen hash.