Password Booster ®    The best approach to strong password generation

Top Password Management Features

  Password Booster ® :
  • Generates strong, unbreakable passwords from one simple password
  • Is easy for ANYONE to use and manage
  • Is great for both individuals and businesses
  • Works everywhere - home, office, school, library
  • For Internet use, a perfect master-password generator for any password manager - PwdHash, LastPass, and more
  • Can be used many ways - logins, spreadsheets, databases, and more
  • Requires no software - even works on locked-down computers
  • Provides both remote/web and  local logins - no software-based password manager can do this
  • Is a patented, unhackable technology
  • Fits conveniently on any keyring
  • Includes an integrated password manager

A Better Password Manager

Unlike ALL other password managers, ONLY Password Booster protects your laptop or desktop computer with a strong 17+ character password, AND works ANYWHERE without installing software. No other password manager can do this. Period.

In fact, Password Booster can work IN COMBINATION with your existing password manager to provide a strong master password. A weak master password is the one weakness shared by all password managers. Without a strong 12+ character password, all password managers are venerable and can be hacked. 

A particularly good fit is PwdHash, available for Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, and even mobile phone and tablet web browsers. A single button on Password Booster generates an unbreakable password that is different for each site using PwdHash. This combination eliminates the need to carry around a database of passwords. Use this link for Internet Explorer: Hash and this link for other browsers: Hash 
to see a Bookmarklet version of PwdHash that can be used in most web browsers.

You will never forget a password, never struggle changing you password, never worry if your password is strong enough, never scramble looking for that slip of paper with your password written on it - Password Booster solves ALL of these problems simply and safely. And because it mimics a USB keyboard it works immediately EVERYWHERE - home, work, school. Software-based password managers simply cannot do this.